All people have the right to healthy and safe relationships. Unfortunately there is a lack of appropriate education out there to support those relationships for people with disabilities.

People with intellectual disabilities are 7 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than those without. We need to change this. Let’s lower that statistic together by supporting the sexual health for this population through conversations, education, and awareness.

This website is a place for parents, support staff, and self-advocates to find tips, tools, and resources to support the sexual health of people with disabilities.

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What can we do about this?

We are ready to take on the challenge to globally eliminate sexual violence.  This involves an approach that includes tips, tools, and resources to support individuals with disabilities and their advocates through education, awareness, and empowerment.

Here are some tools and resources to help you have conversations around sexual health with your children with disabilities so that they can have safe and healthy relationships in their lives.

This page is for educators and other staff in the schools, case managers and providers in group homes and assistive living, service facilitators and direct support professionals. We want to help you to be successful in supporting sexuality for the individuals you work with.

We are here to educate and support individuals with disabilities in becoming more independent in supporting your own sexual health. People with disabilities – you will be able to find resources to directly support yourselves here.

Health and wellness is important for ALL people, and the fact that our clients had the opportunity to add these lessons and tools to their lives means so much. Marc Skaug


Our founder was featured in Lake Time Magazine

Learn more about Katie Thune, founder of Mad Hatter Wellness / Sexuality for All Abilities:

  • Katie’s mission
  • Her definition of success
  • The biggest challenge / sacrifice she’s faced in pursuit of her passion
  • How she builds herself up in moments of self-doubt and adversity
  • And more!

Our article is on p 90-91.


Check out this conversation with MPR!

Katie had the opportunity to sit down with host Marianne Combs, NPR reporter Joseph Shapiro, and local attorney Patrick Noaker for a conversation about sexual education and people with intellectual disabilities.

Listen in below!

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Check out this article about the work we’ve done with Upstream Arts!

The women have developmental or intellectual disabilities, and for many of them, this is the first time they’ve had any sort of sex education. A new program is using the arts to teach women with such disabilities how to have meaningful relationships while protecting themselves from all-too-common sexual abuse.

About Katie Thune

For the past 20 years, Katie has worked with children and adults, both with and without disabilities. Her mission is to help people improve their quality of life. In her 12 years working as a school teacher in Saint Paul Public Schools, her most rewarding work was helping children reach their fullest potential, whether helping a child join Special Olympics or teaching a student mindfulness techniques to use at home

Katie has her Teaching License in Health Education, and Special Education K – 12, as well as her MA in Education: Developmental Disabilities. She also has her Autism Spectrum Disorder Teaching Certificate.

Katie has also done extensive curriculum writing and relationship work with nonprofits like Highland Friendship Club, Lifeworks, Upstream Arts, and Special Olympics MN. She has developed curricula and courses for these organizations on the topics of healthy relationships and sexuality education, incorporating mindfulness activities and yoga. 

Katie started Mad Hatter Wellness in 2013 in order to enhance the lives of children and adults with and without disabilities through yoga and wellness by supporting their social, emotional, and physical awareness. We strive to help people to improve their quality of life.


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