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We are here to provide tools and resources for you to support the sexual health of individuals you work with. Thanks for being here!

Sexual health promotion and comprehensive sexuality education

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) sees sexual health promotion as part of broader support for general health and public health. This support extends to comprehensive sexuality education. Human sexuality is lifelong and consists of more than just the absence of disease and unintended pregnancy. This lifelong process is a normal part of biological, social, mental, and emotional development.

Sexual Health Promotion Factsheet (PDF)

Factsheet on the public health rationale for comprehensive sexual health promotion across the lifespan.

Letter of Support for Comprehensive Sexuality Education (PDF)

MDH letter of support for comprehensive sexuality education and accompanying fact sheet on sexual health promotion across the lifespan.

Our Sexuality for All Abilities Curriculum is ready and available for purchase!

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Have you ever heard someone say that sex is an unhealthy behavior? Or felt that way yourself?


Check out this blog post to read more about how we’re exploring this topic with people with disabilities.

Curricula we recommend:

FLASH for Special Education

Curriculum in Family Life and Sexual Health for middle & high school students with special needs

Teaching Sexual Health: Teaching Human Sexuality to Students with Differing Abilities

Lesson plans about sexual health for students with differing abilities

Circles® Curriculum

Curriculum about teaching students the rules of social boundaries

Have an honest discussion about healthy and unhealthy behaviors!

These flip books create sentences for discussion on healthy and unhealthy behaviors and touch. This activity helps people explore personal boundaries and appropriate behavior.

Also available in Spanish! Puedes encontrar el flip book en Español!

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